Sunday, June 17, 2007

What would you do?

The past few days I’ve been talking to myself a lot. Not out loud where other people could hear and think me mentally slightly off, just quietly inside my head. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “You’ve got to stop sitting here with limp arms, just staring into space.”

Myself: “Leave me alone. Go bother someone else.”

Me: “Oh please, feeling sorry for myself again? It’s getting really boring you know!”

Myself: “Ok, Miss GoodyTwoShoes, any bright ideas today?”

Me: “Uhm. Well… mmmm.”

Myself: “Aha! Got you! Now take your smile and turn out the light before you shut the door.”

I: “Stop it you two! It’s enough that we’re here talking to ourselves! Make a plan and make it fast; straight-jacket white is NOT my favorite color!”

So the three of us started reading and found this question:

"What would you attempt to do
if you knew you could not fail?"

And reading a bit more, we came across this quote:

"While one hesitates
because he feels inferior,
the other is busy making mistakes
and becoming superior."
Henry C. Link

We’re a bit scared of starting something and failing miserably. Again. Like with the TTC phase a few years ago. Trying to save the marriage. A few other things we’d rather not mention…

The processes in my mind are still working on the answer. There are a lot of choices I’m contemplating. I’m still looking for that ONE THING that would be the ultimate for me to do now. I still have to learn to think of failure as "just-not-yet", because final failure only happens if you don’t get back up to try again. You have to get up and get going again. Every single time.

I’m still thinking about my answer, but do YOU know what you’d do if you knew you could not fail?


Cece said...

This is a good question. IF I knew I couldn't fail, I would start my own business and continue on with the TTCing. I hate my current job - but am afriad to leave becuase of the security it brings. And I falter on starting IVF - what if it doesn't work!?! Knowing everything would be ok would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I would form (or join) a group of physicians doing relief work in third world countries.

If I don't have kids maybe I will do just that...

pluto said...

I thought about this a few times today and still can't think what I'd do. If you really couldn't fail? Then the choice becomes limitless -- and paralyses my imagination.
Meanwhile, in the absence of anything useful, perhaps I'd invade a small country. I'd love to own Switzerland - it's just so pretty.

KarenO said...

Pluto, you crack me up! I have to admit, if I had to choose a small country, I'd choose Switzerland too. But Monaco is a close 2nd. I'd tell Prince Albert that if he marries me I'd give him back his country! heeheehee
PS: I miss your blog! :(

Cece, it WOULD work because you attempted doing it. Maybe that is the paradox about this question for IF's... we believe so hard every time, and still it fails most of the time. Hang in there!

Sassy, as I mentioned on your blog, there are a whole bunch of 3rd world countries around South Africa - you better come by for a visit and some chinese checkers :)