Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I haven't checked into my gmail account for quite some time, and this morning I found this email waiting for me:

Dear Karen,

Congratulations! Sarah here, and your blog, Upon Awakening, was determined
to be one of the best blogs to exude overall brilliance. And so, it has
received our 2010 Top 40 Infertility Blogs award presented by Medical
Billing and Coding!

Thanks Sarah & Medical Billing and Coding - I appreciate the fact that you think my blog is special enough to receive an award from you. If it can touch just one heart out there and make her/him feel better, even just for a few moments, it was worth writing down every emotion and heartache.

It has been a real long time since I last blogged, mainly because I don't feel the need to write about my feelings and experiences around Infertility any more. Saying that, it doesn't mean that I'm OK with Infertility changing my dreams, and that I'm past everything that happened. You just wake up one morning and the words that has been jumbling around in your mind are quiet...