Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rated Needs

Firstly, thanks for all you comments on my blog the past few days, especially the one about my mom and dad. I showed them the post and they were overwhelmed by what I said, and more so about your comments!

Many of the blogs I visited today had the following link and I thought it would be fun to see what my results would be.

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

breast (2x)
shit (1x)

Hmmmm. They are terribly strict with their ratings huh?

Secondly I succumbed and did the "needs" thingy on Google. My name is so common and there are gazillion other Karen's who already posted this game on their blogs, so I decided to dig deeper and use only hits not from blogs. It turned out to be a bit more interesting!

Here is the list:
  1. Karen needs support in reaching her goal. (I have a few goals...)
  2. Karen needs something to boost her self esteem. (Oh yeah?)
  3. KAREN NEEDS A MAN. (I'm not kidding you, it was there in caps!)
  4. Karen needs to lose 25lbs. (It's actually a bit more but I'd be happy with 25.)
  5. Karen needs new haircut to make her look glamorous. (I can live with being glamerous any day!)
  6. Karen needs a strong man. We not be able to find that kind of man through us. Karen says she has tried all the online dating services. (Now you're making me sound desperate. And no I have NOT tried all those services!)
  7. Karen needs a flight over Kenya. (Now THAT sounds great!)
  8. Karen needs to write a lot faster to satisfy us fans who are ready to gobble up her books. (Aaaaw thanks you guys! Whoever wrote that (IF it was about me) lotsa cudos to you!)
  9. Karen needs to get hit by a car or something. (Hmmmmmm)
  10. Karen needs to learn the Fox Trot so she doesn't embarrass herself at her wedding. (OK now enough of this, what does google know that I don't?)
  11. Karen needs to drink less alcohol and more water. (No I don't! 3 liters is enough already. Water that is if you wondered!)
  12. Karen needs to cheer up and chill out about Britney Spears. (This one had me laughing out loud!)

Yes I know I only had to post 10, but the more I looked the better they got! :)

I followed a link (#2 in the list) and found the following. It's hilarious!


After I read Aunt Sassy's comment I read the above mentioned link again, and have to agree: it's funny only at first, when I looked for something connected to me. Reading between the lines, you see more about the hurt that woman might've had in her life too...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Karen... time to take down all the Britney Spears posters you have up in your room, and cut up all those concert t-shirts.

And... that link is so funny... in a really pitiful way!

M said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you like my scrapbook room. It's not fully decorated the way I would like it, but I"m working on it!

In and Out of Luck said...

Thanks for visiting me and for your comment. It was really helpful to read!

The Good Woman said...

HI Karen - if ever you do fly over Kenya, please come by for a visit...

Sarah said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. i haven't had time to read much of yours yet but looking forward to cathing up on it and checking back in. thanks again!

May said...

Karen needs to learn the Fox-trot? How priceless!

mandolyn said...

The rating thing cracks me up. I'm PG, too. For now...


I'm really going to have to try that whole "needs" thing. It seems like fantastic entertainment.

Carole said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I rated my blog and got a PG for using crap 3x and bomb 1x. Go figure. Now I feel like trying to spice it up and get to a PG-13 at least.

Love your space here.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! So you got me to do both the rating thing (also PG) and see what "Michelle needs." :)

I was really touched by your post about your mom and dad. My grandmother is receiving chemo for ovarian cancer right now. Unfortunately, instead of shopping for a good fit, as your parents did, she's decided to wear a wig that my mom's cousin's wife gave her. An ash-blonde bob isn't a look that really fits an 86-year old woman, but she LOVES it (much to my father's horror)!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Hmm ... Google scares me. I tried this search and my first two needs came back as follows:

"Pamela needs to trust her talents and instincts" and "Pamela Needs an Easier Life Now" ... I'm working on it, really!

Wishing you goodness this week...

Chris said...

Looks like you had lots of fun playing Google and Ratings! Thanks for sharing.

pluto said...

Google tells me that "Pluto needs to be saved" and "Pluto needs everyone's help." (I must seem a pathetic figure.)

Did you get your own blog rated too? It was probably the cleanest blog around, a G rating, until you ruined it by quoting 'shit' and especially 'breast' in your last post.

KarenO said...

Hey you guys! I'll be visiting all your blogs sometime today... but in the meantime:

Aunt Sassy, if I had a $ for every Britney poster or T-shirt, I wouldn't have enough money to buy ONE thing from the $-Store!

The good woman - that's a deal! Didn't know you live in Kenya... wow!

Michelle, my mom's grey hair was replaced with the most beautiful reddish blonde wig, and my dad is just CRAZY about it!

Pluto my friend, thanks sooooo much for that compliment. I really miss your blog, even if you didn't post all that often. And you're everything but a pathetic figure, so don't go reading anything in that google game! :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Tam said...

Hey Karen, just wanted to pop in and say that for commenting on my blog and Hi from a fellow Gautenger!! Will be checking in :)

MLO said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them.

I tried "Melissa Needs" and the majority of the non-blogger posts came up with:
"Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead."

Huh? I like science fiction, but blob ship?

And MLO got me a bunch of coding vernacular.

I don't think this meme will work real well for me.

I'm really sorry to hear about your parents. Though, I am glad that they are being so upbeat through it. Hopefully, everything will turn out ok for all of you.