Friday, June 22, 2007

The next question

"I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face...I say to myself, I've lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along." Eleanor Roosevelt

If I could measure all the tears, the heartache and suffering it took me to be able to read the above without getting mad, feeling anger at the unfairness of it all bubbling up in me, I would be the proud owner of a Nobel prize for something or other.

When I read it today, I felt a quiet determination. No matter how many scars it left me with, Infertility will NOT beat me. It might've won a battle or ten in the past, but I am going to win this war. And I don't need children to be the crowned champion.

There were times when I felt so rebellious: I don't WANT to grow stronger, or have more courage or confidence, I just want a baby!

Lately, quiet acceptance replaced the anger. The pain is not so sharp anymore, and I can talk about my Infertility much easier than in the past. This quiet acceptance does NOT mean I'm going to take this lying down.

I'm not going to get mad anymore. I'm going to get even.

How? Well that's the next question!


Sticky Bun said...

That's a great quote. And, it's great that you're coming to terms with IF...I'm still working on that one.

Also, thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It was so wonderfully simple and exactly what I needed to hear!

May said...

Quiet acceptance is good. I wish I could get there too. Very inspirational post - thanks!

Aunt Sassy said...

I agree with May... your post was inspirational.
Let me know when you find out how to get there:)

Leah said...

First, your Dad rocks. What a great guy to support your Mom like that.

Second, I love Over The Rainbow but never realized just how appropriate it is during our IF journeys. Thanks for pointing that out, it makes me like the song even more.

Last, this is a great quote. More importantly, your strength is really uplifting. Thank you for reminding me that there is life to be lived in all of this madness.

Ellen K. said...

Awesome post, and great attitude.

Dianne/Flutter said...

I love that, "quiet acceptance." It says it all. Great post!

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Quiet acceptance is difficult to obtain, so a huge congrats on getting there. The whole post is concise and lovely.

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I really appreciate it.