Sunday, August 5, 2007

Paying it forward

One of you wonderful people reading my blog referred it to Mike Thomas at Blog Interviewer. On their website it says the following: " is a website devoted to discovering the most interesting bloggers on the Internet and their reasons for sharing their thoughts with the world."

Thanks sooooooo much for thinking my blog was interesting enough to take the time and refer it. I paid it forward and referred 6 of my favorite blogs to Many of you with blogs of your own are on the site as well, so you know what it's all about.

They have a monthly competition in which you can vote for a blog displaying the following graphic:

I'm not into asking for votes AT ALL. I don't like it. The fact that you're coming here to read my blog is great enough for me, no extra favors needed. But then I thought : Maybe you guys would like to be part of contributing money to the Nelson Mandela's Children Fund. All you have to do is support BlogInterviewer and vote for my site. Easy as that!

Here is their mission statement:

In the pursuit of its vision, and in order to ensure that the legacy of its founder, Nelson Mandela, is secured in perpetuity, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund will:
  • develop partnerships and initiate programs which empower and improve the well-being of children and youth;
  • promote the rights of children and youth through the influence of public policy and social awareness; and
  • sustain these initiatives through the development of a sound financial and knowledge support base.
Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes: he has meant so much to so many people in my country as well as in the rest of the world. His example is so worth following.

I pledge the following: if my blog should win anything on BlogInterviewer, (that would only be possible if you vote for me there!) every cent would be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

So, if you think it's a worthy cause, please look for the button and link in the column on the right, and vote for my site so a child somewhere in Africa can have his/her day and future brightened. I will leave the button up for the month of August, so please guys and gals, it's for a good cause!


Sarah gave me a SUPER idea with the comment she made, so I put together this little image for you. If you want, and ONLY if you want, you can add it to a post or to your site. A link back to my site is totally optional - just remember that it might help a child in need. Thanks so much in advance, and thanks to you too Sarah! :)


Sarah said...

do i get one of those "i voted!" stickers now? :)

Lori said...

You rock!

Love, Your Nominator :-)