Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stupid Infertility Comments Quiz

2nd post today... don't miss the first one, so scroll down and read before you go check out this great quiz!

While I was
poking around at those dogs bloghopping this morning I came across Char's blog. The fact that she lives in South Africa and blogs about Infertility made me like her right away, but when I read one of her recent posts called "Sticks and Stones", I just HAD to tell you guys about it too.

There is always a lot of talk in IF-land about the never-ending thoughtless comments people make when they try to be helpful. Char made a quiz about your reactions towards these comments and I LOVED it.

Here is
Char's Quiz

Why don't you just adopt?

Question 1 out of 6


Char said...

Hi Karen :o)
Haha! You make me feel like a celebrity! haha! But I must admit I'm LOVING this new community of infertility bloggers we've sort-of got going here. It's awesome to feel part of something, as horrible as it might be to actually officially have to be a member of this infertility club. Nobody wants to be infertile. Of course. But I'm loving reading your archives and catching up on your journey. Glad you found me on Mel's site... and introduced yourself to lil ol south african bloggy me.

KarenO said...

Jeepers Char! You posted before I even finished editing this post... hahaha! But the quiz thingy looks better now, wouldn't want to embarrass you ;)

Princess Peach said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing!
Sometimes people just don't get it!

Lori said...

Cool tool!