Saturday, July 14, 2007


Lady Macleod instructed me to indulge myself a bit in her comment on my previous post. So in order not to act like a loopy wench (I love this description! Not enough to be one though *grin*) or a silly bugger, I jumped at the opportunity gave in and did exactly what I was told to do.

1. I bought a bunch of roses - incredibly expensive in the middle of our winter, but worth every petal!

2. I ordered this book. Saw a comment about it on Katie's blog and I just knew I had to read it. "For every woman who ever wanted to have a child - and didn't" - sounds like it fits my description to a T.

3. I bought myself a small slab of Lindt too, the "Orange Intense" dark chocolate... hmmm! Now that's what I call indulgence!

Are you satisfied Lady Macleod? :) I loved the homework, but I'll have to take on a second job soon because I can get seriously addicted to this!

PS: There is a bottle of Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon in my wine rack, but I'll share that with someone special rather than drinking it alone. :)


Some other indulgence that proved to be very therapeutic:

I just love this cat of mine!


Sarah said...

i think those might be the most gorgeous roses of all time!

Char said...

Wow - your rememdy sounds GREAT! One bunch of enormous roses (or in my case, tulips - my fave!), one enormous cuppa, one fluffy blanky, one brilliant book and of course, my cat on my lap. Sounds like a plan. But I might have to wait for next weekend... what with being surrounded by boxes right now and all.

I also just wanted to say - you are an inspiration to me. You have walked through trying circumstances, faced enormous emotional giants, and come out beautiful in character. Really. I hope that if we never get our "dream come true" I will turn out like you did. That sounds not as nice as what I wanted it to sound. But anyway, you get the idea. Thanks so much for introducing yourself to me. I'm glad we can be cyber-friends!

Char said...

PS... where did you get the book? I would love to get a copy for myself too...

Lori said...

OK. I'm waiting for someone to give ME a homework assignment like that!

Zee said...

Oh, brava! Great job on the homework. And I think I love your cat too! (But don't tell mine, okay?) Your kitty is gorgeous! There's nothing--NOTHING--more delicous and soul-restoring than a blissful, sunwarmed kitty. (Although a good book and orange dark chocolate run a close second, I have to say!)

lady macleod said...

Well done! Excellent choices.I shall expect to see this sort of behavior in the future as well. Kitties are the best love..

I agree with sarah - brilliant roses!

Furrow said...

very nice. I'll agree with Lori. I could use such an assignment. No, actually, I'm already pretty self-indulgent.

KarenO said...

Sarah... yup I agree! There is a little flower shop just around the corner from me, and it's the only place I've ever been able to find this specific type of rose - definitely my favorite!

Char: you made me cry, your comments are so warm and wonderful and it doesn't feel that you're talking about me at all! Some days I feel everything but how you describe me, but I'm SO glad that you get something good from my blog. I'm really glad we're cyber-friends too! And I ordered the book from It's R203 plus R30 postage - a LOT! But it's worth it. If you want I'll lend it to you after I've done reading, let me know!

Lori & Furrow, I tagged you with the same kind of homework - now don't you chicken out!

Zee, I agree! I LOVE my kitty, she is the most lovable cat in the whole wide world. Thanks for the compliments!

Lady Macleod: thanks Ma'm, YES SIR Ma'm, and I agree Ma'm! *grin* And I think (if you don't mind that is!) I'll take a lesson from you and start answering my comments in a comment. It's such a nice thing you're doing, and it feels so right. :)