Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just a stunned silence.

I wish it was something else that made me turn from my own heartache and realize it's not so important after all. I'm not that naive to think it happened just to make me wake up and smell the roses. And right now it feels selfish to even think about blogging.

I cannot write about it. It's too private and not my story to tell. It broke my heart into a million pieces and I've been crying ever since I heard this afternoon. You know that feeling of shock when you want to say: "But this happens in movies, to other people, not to me or the people I love!"

This is one of those moments.

I know you don't know me, and I know it's unfair to blog about it and not telling you everything. I know you know my sister even less, but please remember her in your prayers.

My own pain is nothing in comparison to this. It pales into oblivion. And there is nothing I can do to ease the terrible heartache of someone I love so very much...


Anonymous said...

But isn't this what blogging can be helpful for (rather than selfish?)
Knowing nothing about your sister's situation I will just send hope and empathy for whatever has happened.
Take care.

Aunt Sassy said...

whatever happened with your sister, it must be very painful. Both you and your sister are in my prayers. Wishing you both peace.


Katie said...

Wow, no words here. Just a hug long distance ******

Pamela Jeanne said...

I hope that your sister gets the support and peace she will most certainly need. The heartache must be awful; we hear the pain in your voice.