Sunday, May 6, 2007

Life Lesson #437

On Friday I came home in a really foul mood due to a few things that happened during the day.

Walking up to my front door I heard the phone ringing inside. I had a few grocery bags in my hand and struggled to get my keys out of my handbag. Once I got hold of them, I couldn’t for the life of me get the key into the lock to open the door in time to answer the ringing phone.

When it stopped ringing and I was still struggling on the outside, I just had enough of everything that went wrong the past few weeks and burst into tears, dropping the grocery bags right there. Banging on the door didn’t magically open it up, but when the worst flood of tears was over, I tried unlocking the door again. And it worked.

Walking through the door I got the answer that eluded me since the comments starting coming in on my previous post.

I don’t need a new key or lock or door to get into my house. I don’t have to look for another entrance like round the back or through the roof. Entering my house through the front door by opening the lock with the key I’ve been using the past few years WORKS. Only when I’m impatient, hurried and everything but calm it will get stuck.

It’s exactly the same with my faith. I’ve tested it extensively since I can remember, read everything I could about other faiths, but every time I returned to Christianity and my faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is my one and only saviour, and through Him alone I will receive life eternal.

These times when I lack enough energy to be strong in my faith, when I question the way God wants me to go, and rebel against His plan for my life doesn’t mean there is something wrong with my faith. It simply means that I’m growing in my understanding of God, I’m growing in my faith, and I’m growing towards more wisdom.

To those who commented on my previous post: Thank you for making me think, and reaffirming my faith. It’s good to ask questions, it’s good to test everything and not just accepting it as it is. God doesn’t answer YES to some of my prayers, but it doesn’t mean I have to be OK with it. He gave me the power of choice, and I chose Christianity with all its unexplained mysteries.

Comte de Buffon said: “Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius.”

Life lesson #437: Never blog about politics or religion. If you decide to go ahead and mention something about it in a post, be prepared for a little bit lot more than you expected!


pluto said...

Always love your posts. In lots of ways.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Hmmm. My previous comment disappeared so I'm not sure if I offended somehow?

KarenO said...

Dear Pamela, it takes a LOT to offend me, and it would take even more for me to delete a comment from someone, so I think it might've been blogger that ate your comment, please feel free to leave it again, I always appreciate your feedback! :)

Tareq said...

The keys and locks again! :)
i just liked ur last post Kareno!
i really wonder if u have dug a bit deeper in the faith of islam... not from the westren point of view.. but from the point of view of those who converted into it from other relegions..
just for the sake of curiosity...
hope u find somthing different than other faiths
all the best wishes

MLO said...

Karen, I'm glad you are feeling better. I know life really sucks sometimes, but, like you I am a Christian, and I firmly believe that I will live through this "Dark Night of the Soul." (Google this and "saints" and you will find some amazing stories of saints who felt abandoned by God at times.) And, reading today's post, I think you will find your way through too.

Religion does not offend me, I hope I don't offend - I've been exposed to too many religious traditions to be offended!

I hope you don't mind - but you and all of the ladies - and gentlemen - in the blogosphere are in my prayers.



Anonymous said...

This post was very powerful for me right now. I love the analogy of the lock... and i am saving this so i can refer back to it as a reminder.

Thank you!