Sunday, May 13, 2007

3 Wild Wishes

Sometimes I allow myself the luxury of playing “What if”. Today my game granted me 3 wild wishes. A fairy godmother appearing in a burst of stars waving her wand, or a magical genie popping out of a cloud of smoke from a mysterious bottle found somewhere. I can wish anything; nothing is impossible, as wild as I can wish!

My first wish would be to have a wonderful husband who cares deeply for me, with an ever-lasting love, someone I can love as I know I’m meant to love my soul mate.

My second wish
: A girl-child with a head of black curls as way-ward and wild as my own, a smile that brightens up the world around us, and hugs that would melt the hardest heart.

My third wish
would be to be president of the world for long enough to make a declaration that can never be changed: that Mothersday would be celebrated differently in future.

On this new Mothersday women with children won’t expect and demand to be pampered and thanked: they will celebrate the incredible gift of motherhood. They will be thankful for the fact that they were fortunate enough to be able to conceive and have a child or two or more. They would never, ever take motherhood for granted.

No gift giving, nothing commercialized, just a very simple day on which they give thought to how different their lives would’ve been without children. Maybe then there would be a better understanding of Infertility and the sorrow it brings. And maybe then there would be less thoughtless, cruel remarks that shatter infertile souls even further.

If you had 3 wild wishes, what would you wish for?


lady macleod said...

I am pleased to came over to see me, and now I find I get three wishes! Joy and rapture! I'm thinking...

#1: lifetime health for my daughter
#2 that I stay mentally intact until I am done with this body
#3 that I write successful books that entertain, and make a positive flow in the universe

ta da Thank you for the gift.

lady macleod said...

..make that "You" came over...(sigh)

Pamela Jeanne said...

Hmm. Let's see since you're good enough to offer the wishes. I would definitely ask for the following:

#1 - that you find very soon the kind of mate that you so richly want and deserve

#2 - that I could give my husband the girl (or twin girls as his father was a twin) that would enable him to indulge in his secret desire to become the Mr. Bennet father figure (think Pride and Prejudice) he once longed to be. Suffice to say, he would be a fantastic father...

3# - that my novel one day gets published to help enlighten the fertile world about how little is understood about infertility. This, in effect, would also help support your wish #3 (which I heartily endorse!)

KarenO said...

Pamela Jeanne you wonderful woman! You get only three wishes and you spend one on me... you're the best! :) When (not if!) your novel gets published, I'd buy one of the very first and would really, really appreciate a signed copy please!