Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weeding around my dreams

This post doesn't have much to do with Infertility, or those tests, or sadness, or worry, or anything else you might've come to expect from me the past few months. It does have a little bit to do with me having (for the very first time mind you!) heart palpitations and shortness of breath about a certain not-so-well-known actor. It has more to do with what might seem like something really small, which actually is quite bigger when you start thinking about it.

There I was today: still very much in the aftermath of a just-saw-a-great-movie-high-feeling, busy drawing money from the ATM. I just had a nice chat with my mom over a cup of coffee, discussing our family's plans for the Spring break next week.

Just as I entered my pin, it was there. Slightly to my left in the music shop. Sitting serenely between a few guitar like instruments. I only had eyes for that one, beautiful, breathtaking, chestnut brown dream.

The ATM prompted me to finish my transaction, and the next moment I found myself inside the shop asking:

"How much is that cello in the window?"

The guy behind the counter smiled just slightly, and without missing a beat he said:

"R4 500. But if you want, we have cheaper ones available." (R4 500 = $625)

"It's OK, I'm still dreaming about it."

With a smile I turned and walked out the door, having lost my heart on that beautiful instrument.

It's something I've been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Picture this: a big, empty room with a shiny, golden brown wooden floor. The tall windows on 3 sides of the room are open, and the late afternoon breeze is billowing the sheer white curtains inward. I'm sitting in the middle on a chair, wearing a long, flowing white dress, playing a haunting melody on the cello between my legs.

This picture I found is minus the white dress, but it's the closest to the image in my heart and mind.

So why is asking about the price of a cello in a shop window so important? Because it brought me one step (a giant one!) closer to actually signing up for cello lessons. Right now I'm only dreaming about being able to afford a cello, not to even mention the lessons, but it's not that far out of reach at all.

I have enough of a musical background to be able to master the lessons quite easily, then it will just be lots and lots of practice. Having studied the piano for 11 years in school (and playing exams up to grade 6 level) and being a member of an orchestra for 4 years from grade 4 to 7, I might just be able to handle the little black notes on the musical stand.

Now I just have to adjust my dream a little bit to include those very sexy shoes - the rest is about to become a reality. Well, soon, I'm sure! If you wondered where I got the topic from - there is this little plaque on my computer screen: "Don't let weeds grow around your dreams." So I engaged in a bit of gardening today!

Will be back tomorrow to tell you more about that scrumptious actor I "discovered". He is worth the wait, I promise!


Schatzi said...

Oh, the cello. See, I have also dreamed of playing the cello for years, but have yet to even ask about the price of one. I find the sound so soothing. Good for you... one step closer!

As for the mysterious actor man... you have my attention!

Lori said...

I'd take up the cello, too, if I could look like her.

I am so excited for you to pursue this interest! Makes me want to do something like it.

Maybe Rob and I will take Tango lessons...

Can't wait for the next post! And the first concert.

Furrow said...

Well, my goodness, that picture makes me want to play the cello, too!

Do it! Do it!

Fertilize Me said...

WHat a awesome pictures! I second, or third or fourth the nudging .. do it do it! (cant wait to see how the actor is)

Pamela Jeanne said...

Cool! I like the motto of not letting weeds grow around your dreams. Will need to get to that gardening myself right quick. Thanks for the reminder ;-)

Sarah said...

hurray! go for it!!

and looking forward to hearing about the actor...

Artblog said...

AH, the cello, a beautiful instrument much like its cousin and my favourite the contrabass. I have often dreamt of playing an instrument and that, for me, would be the one... I can only dream :)

You should SOOO go for it, good on ya for even asking the price!

Kami said...

How exciting to find a new passion. I can't wait to hear how much you enjoy it.